A hotel showcasing Finnishness in innovative and surprising ways

A hotel showcasing

Located in the heart of Helsinki, Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti caters to families, individual travellers and business guests alike.

Finnishness features in all aspects of the hotel: from the hotel’s Bistro Manu,

serving classic bistro-style food with a Finnish twist, to meeting rooms named after Finnish ex-Presidents,

and rooms where Finnish legends come to life in the form of snowflakes, elves and mosquitoes.

The 1980 Olympic games were held in Moscow, and to accommodate the visitors inevitably crossing the border and visiting Helsinki,

Hotel Presidentti opened its doors, with Finnish President Urho Kekkonen and Prime Minister Mauno Koivisto in attendance at the ceremony.

Today, Original Hotel Sokos Presidentti is a versatile venue catering for tourists and business guests, A hotel showcasing

and various events: from small meetings to spectacular gala evenings.

Finnishness is in the design

Situated right next to the Kamppi shopping centre, in the centre of Helsinki, the hotel offers guests easy access to shopping,

various cultural events and all the main tourist attractions right at its front door.

The bright and spacious rooms, designed by Paola Suhonen from Ivana Helsinki, offer guests the ultimate Finnish experience.

The hotel lobby and reception’s design is described as ‘rugged luxury’: concrete, A hotel showcasing

brass and copper have all been used as building materials, creating an edgy but classy feel to the space.

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