A national treasure

A national treasure

You can’t talk about Swedish food without mentioning Västerbottensost® – one of the most beloved and enjoyed products the country has to offer.

Created from a mistake when a dairymaid was wooed by the milkman and forgot to stir in the pot she

was responsible for, the spoilt cheese was put to rest for 14 months.

A stroke of genius it turned out, as the result is the same cheese that we still delight in today.

In the Swedish food tradition Västerbottensost® is a true chameleon.

The cheese is just as used on simple toast as it is as a refined ingredient in fancier A national treasure

dinner parties and an appreciated addition on superior cheeseboards.

“Västerbottensost® is a true representative for Swedish food and cookery,” says strategic brand relations manager Agneta Andersson.

“Everyone knows what it is and how it tastes. It’s a given on both festive occasions and everyday kitchen tables.”

With its international presence, Västerbottensost® has made the Swedish cooking legacy go global.

Available in all Scandinavian countries as well as Germany and the UK, to mention a few, A national treasure

people are really starting to realise its amazing and unique taste and essence.

Despite the international attention and availability, Västerbottensost® is produced in Burträsk and in Burträsk only.

Expanding the production or moving the site is impossible since Västerbottensost®

can – mysteriously enough – only be made in this particular place in the north of Sweden.

“We have experts and scientists who have spent years and years trying to figure out why

we can only get the right taste with products and resources from Burträsk, but no one knows for sure,”

Andersson explains. “It may be the lime in the ground; it may literally be something in the water, we just don’t know.”

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