A New Zealander’s Reflection

As a fellow New Zealander, I was devastated when the first news came in of the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch on
Friday15th March 2019.

New Zealand is such a beautiful and peaceful country; it prides itself in celebrating its rich history of
diversity and embracing those of a differing race and creed.
In a world of such extreme contrasts in life styles and beliefs,
the need for tolerance has never been greater Zealander’s .

Like the treasured Pohutukawa tree, if your tolerance isn’t
rooted deep within your own inner truth and essence of love,
it will fall in the winds of circumstances. Also like the tree, it
requires time and nurturing to mature. When your tree starts
to blossom and bear radiant red flowers, life becomes
a beautiful and magical expression of wisdom, humility, Zealander’s
appreciation, patience and love. May all the victims of the
Christchurch mosque massacre rest in peace

As Head of School I continue to be incredibly proud of the Patana student work ethic and it is simply incredible what a
Bangkok Patana student accomplishes in any given school week. I do hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Songkran
holiday and it’s okay to sometimes not be thinking about school!

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