A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome

Just as importantly, it has stood up very well to its fi rst test during the February fl oods.

Whereas the old Boathouse would have been under water, the new one sits higher up and has a honeycomb structure to the foundations which allows water to flow safely around and underneath.

 Another very effective addition has been the creation of an outdoor games area opposite the Queen’s Building.

This provides additional netball and tennis courts and a very large playground with much needed outdoor space for the children of Clifton and St Peter’s.

An associated benefi t has been to bring girls’ games more visibly into the centre of the school.

 Over the centuries, the school has evolved and adapted to the growing needs of a changing world.

It is true that we cannot know the future for which we are preparing children, but when can that have ever honestly been said?

What is certain is that great opportunities will exist for those who are prepared to take them.

A key concept is that we are not simply producing 18-year-olds, but rather thinking ahead to the Peterites of today as successful adults in their middle and late ages.

If we start from that premise and consider what makes somebody happy, confi dent,

successful and fulfi lled later in life we know that it requires a wide range of skills, interests and values.

We also know that it starts with examination results and last summer’s A Level and GCSE results were the highest for some years,

demonstrating that in this key area our pupils and their teachers have the capacity for great achievement.

Crucially this comes not just from the classroom but also through a wealth of other academic endeavours.

This is vital as we spend most of our professional lives problem solving, researching, refi ning ideas

and working in collaboration with others in ways that go far beyond the techniques required to perform in the UK’s traditional approach to taking examinations.

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