Advanced Google Searching: A Reminder

Advanced Google Searching: A Reminder

Google is, without question, an amazing search tool.

It can be tempting to denigrate Google and suggest that.

Google does a lousy job of getting access to content, but any empirical study of the ease with which anyone can find information these days would clearly show that.

Google—and the other search engines that have followed it—has revolutionized access to information.

When Google’s founders developed the idea that one could judge the value or authority of a web page based on the number and type of other webpages that linked to it—and the authority of a linking.

Webpage was based on the value of the webpages that linked to it—they revolutionized the process of searching online.

After twenty years of creating,

Refining, and constantly improving the algorithms that underlie the entire Google ranking system,

and more recently combining that work with structured metadata,

Google has made it incredibly easy to find useful and relevant information online.

This is no small feat and one to be impressed by, but there are still tricks and tips that help improve your ability to get the most out of a Google search.

Below are a few tools you can employ to enhance using Google as your search engine.

When you type in multiple search terms, Google assumes that you want an “and” between each word you type;

That is, you want all the words you type to appear on the pages it returns.

Google goes a step further by sometimes searching for synonyms of the words you use, and returning searches that don’t include all of the terms you use.

When it does this,

you know because it is indicated on the return listing when that’s the case, and allows you to rerun the search requiring that all the words are present.

If you want to guarantee that all words you type in are present, and especially if you have a specific order in which they should appear,

you can put the words in quotes or sections of your search words in quotes.

While this can be helpful in some situations,

Google is quite good at recognizing that words near each other in the search phrase should be near each other in the results pages it returns.

Typing in a question just as you would ask a person will yield a result pretty close to what you would expect from an actual human being.

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