Bat’s Entertainment


Lightening Bolt, whose ear canal-throttling set Loud and Quiet irritatingly misses thanks to an early start time. Entertainment

There is a reason why queen of weird pop, Björk, picked drummer Mark
Chippendale to guest on her latest single, ‘Nattura’, after all.

Still, we’re fairly thankful that we saved our hearing organs.

Tonight’s early kick off is to shoehorn as many ATP-approved bands as
possible: Entertainment

Pissed Jeans, Wooden Shjips, Les Savy Fav, Shellac and Om are still to unsettle our heads at this pre-festival mini-carnival.

Stuffed full of Halloween décor and noise rock anoraks in half-arsed zombie costumes, Entertainment

the vast venue recalls the prom setting of teen horror flick Idlehands.

Sub Pop’s Pissed Jeans are the school band that used their prom performance to unleash all Entertainment

their teenage angst on their classmates – and are swiftly ushered offstage by embarrassed teachers.

Like a juvenile and disorderly Jesus Lizard, with toilet humour songs like ‘Ashamed of my Cum’, their punk rock is shot through with sludgey

distortion lifted from ’70s noise-punk band Flipper’s chord book.
Front man Matt Korvette’s flailing performance fills the space where spooky outfits

would have been. He cuts an awkward, shuffling figure like Angus Andrew from Liars, lolloping

about as if dancing to post punk wearing a temperamental pacemaker, but his volatile antics seem forced.

The only moments of authentic zeal are his face’s shade of scarlet after he
wretches over the microphone.

At times doom metal creeps through, the bass guitar resonating
painfully slowly as if strapped to a torture wheel,

and groovy grunge hooks pep the sound up; if only Korvette would drop the teenage turbotheatrics then these might shine through.

But there’s San Francisco psychedelists

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