Because everyone deserves a gastronomic experience

Because everyone

Rarely do people think about how crucial good supplements are for the quality of a meal,

but at Erik’s Sauces, they know the importance of the sauce.

A bad one can ruin a dinner, and a good one can make a dull steak taste divine.

Luckily Erik’s Sauces are here to make sure we only experience the latter quality of the supplement.

“It all started with us asking the question why good sauces had to be self-made,”

Fredrik von Essen, Founder of Erik’s Sauces says.

“If you wanted a good sauce, you either needed to get it straight from the restaurant or do it yourself.

The sauces you got from the supermarket – forget it.”

When Erik’s Sauces was founded the market for culinary supplements was a busy one, Because everyone

but nowhere could you find products that matched the flavours that you could get from a skilled cook’s kitchen.

Von Essen and his business partners decided to change this.

Along with master-chef Erik Lallerstedt they began to make sauces that could cater to any occasion and any kitchen.

“We started by launching six sauces, and the success was instant,”

von Essen says. “We became the market leaders within a year.”

Dominating the national market, Erik’s Sauces are well on their way to becoming a force to be reckoned with internationally.

In the UK, reseller Ocado reports topnotch consumer reviews, and numbers from other Because everyone

European countries prove that Scandis aren’t the only ‘saucy’ folk in the world.

Eriks Sauces are indeed on a path to brilliance.

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