Camping beneath the midnight sun

Camping beneath

Located by the beach, behind Arctic mountains beneath the eagles,

there is no doubt that Stave Camping boasts spectacular nature experiences.

This rebuilt farm in Andøya, northern Norway, Camping beneath

offers whale and puffin safaris along with several beautiful hiking routes, all within walking distance.

Inger Anne Frøyesdal and her partner, Ronny Kjenstad, Camping beneath

moved to Andøya a year ago and fell head over heels for the beautiful northern nature.

With the midnight sun during the summer and northern lights during the winter, it is not difficult to understand why.

“I am very interested in hiking and experiencing the nature,

so it’s amazing that I can just go hiking in the mountains right outside our door,” says Frøyesdal.

Guests can walk to the famous mountaintop Måtind,

and if you want a change of scenery from the sand beach right outside the cabin window,

you can walk to a hidden beach, surrounded by mountains and only reachable by foot.

All guests who go swimming in the Arctic Ocean receive a diploma as proof of their endeavours.

It might sound unbearably cold, but luckily the camp offers both a sauna and hot pools, perfect for heating up after a cold swim.

“The beach kind of looks like southern Europe, but it’s not nearly as warm,” Frøyesdal laughs.

Stave camping not only offers cabins and apartments,

but guests can also opt to stay in caravans or tents.

Kayaks are also on offer, and they are planning to introduce more outdoor activities.

“It’s beautiful here, both when it’s sunny and when it’s stormy.

They are both charming in their own way,” says Frøyesdal.

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