Changing the face of fashion


Founded in 2008 by designers Angelica Weiss and Heidie Lykke,

Carmakoma is a ground-breaking Danish fashion brand revolutionising the traditional fashion ideals

with its catwalk-inspired designer clothes for curvy women of all ages.

Both Angelica Weiss and Heidie Lykke had well-established careers within reputable design companies in Denmark Changing

when they decided to transform their longstanding ideas of revolutionising the image and quality of the curvy supply in the fashion industry into a business. And they have not looked back since.

With their uncompromising focus on creating designer clothes that fit the beautiful female body,

not vice versa, curvaceous women from all over the world have fallen in love with Carmakoma.

Instead of following traditional fashion ideals of age and size,

the Carmakoma designers’ inspiration comes exclusively from lifestyle, personality and interests.

“Designer wear should not produce fashion victims, but support the important message

of self-acceptance and provide any woman with the opportunity to independently express all aspects of her mood,” they explain.

Changing an industry

The two designers, who met and became instant friends in 1997,

when they both attended the esteemed Danish design school TEKO, quickly spotted a gap in the market.

While plus-sized clothes have been available for many years, it has always been in the form of shapeless, anonymous garments.

For several years, the market has been over-looking the curvy customer group,

and no brand has risen against the fashion industry’s general perception of curvy women’s attitude towards appearance to the same extent as Carmakoma.

“A new generation has sprung up among curvy women.

They are curvy, proud and have the courage to speak up to accommodate their needs.

We try to offer these women a chance to let their looks reflect their mood and personal identity in any given situation,”

Lykke says, adding: “Everything indicates that the change in the self-image and self-confidence of curvy women is here to stay.”

And by taking a look at some of the fashion industry’s latest changes, it would seem Carmakoma has a point.

The growing demand from this market segment has forced both well-known designers and prestigious

magazines to revise their conception of plus-sized women as inhibited and ashamed of their looks.

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