Cinema Preview


While there’s a burning desire here to devote this month’s entire cinema preview to the epoch-making martial arts action-comedy Kung Fu Flid, there are

(regrettably) a few films that demand closer examination than the movie Kung Fu Flid, which despite called Kung Fu Flid is only being granted a

limited UK release on September 28th.

One such movie is The Soloist (released September 25th).

Joe Wright’s follow-up to Atonement treads a similar award-baiting path to its predecessor yet has been strangely shifted around the release schedules.

Originally slated for release in the run-up to this year’s awards season, the delays prompted whispers of a loss of confidence in the true-life tale, which stars Jamie

Foxx as a schizophrenic homeless violin genius and Robert Downey Jr as the journalist telling his courageous story.

Reviews have been fulsome in praise for the performances of its lead actors and of Wright’s direction,

yet where it falls down would perhaps be down to a general air of boredom

with the typical awards fare of real-life tales and grandiose heartstringpullers.

When the apparent best of that bunch is the not-nearly-as-curious-as-it-ought-to-have-been Case of Benjamin Button,

maybe it really is the right time for the Academy to embrace a wider range of movies by upping the number of nominees to ten, as it will for the 2010 awards.

A movie that is almost certain to benefit from this move is Pixar’s latest, Up (October 9th),

which manages once again the studio’s trick of creating unlikely heroes with an appeal to both children and

adults alike. Pixar have turned ageism on its head in creating the character of Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner, a veteran actor with a career spanning 6 decades.

Oh and he played Santa in Elf). Fredricksen is a curmudgeonly former balloon salesman who decides to live out the dreams of he and his late wife by travelling the world, Preview

using his balloon-suspended home as his preferred mode of transport and unknowingly bringing a clumsy boy-scout named Russell along for the ride.

Perhaps the only studio that has become a movie star in its own right, Pixar’s impeccable

standards are set to be in place once more, with an
opening section that even outdoes Wall-E for emotional impact.

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