Classics reinvented

SWIMS was born during a rain storm, in the moment a Norwegian student was strolling the rainy streets of

Manhattan wearing grandpa’s old galoshes and decided it was time to breathe new life into the almost-forgotten galosh. Ever since,

SWIMS has been helping the typical urban, style-conscious person to look sleek with a touch of cheekiness,

comfort and ultimate functionality by wearing their reinvented old classics.

And the fashion brand’s love of water makes its products relevant in almost every part of the world, Classics reinvented

on the way to the office or when heading to the beach in the summer.

SWIMS is known for reinventing classics that are smart, elegant, weather-friendly and infused with utility.

The brand was founded in 2006, after the founder Johan Ringdal saw potential in bringing back the traditional galosh,

which he had grown fond of since receiving a pair from his grandfather.

“Galoshes were a bit outdated and not cool, but Ringdal made them his trademark by putting them on on top of his Converse shoes,”

says co-founder Alexander Eskeland.

He met the young designer in New York, where Eskeland worked for Norwegian water brand Voss.

One year after Ringdal moved back to Norway to pursue this new adventure of reinventing the galosh,

Eskeland decided to move back to join the adventure.

While Ringdal used his creativity to focus on functionality, quality and design, Eskeland took care of the commercial side of the business.

The duo managed to develop their own modern, trendy version of the galosh,

which ended up in many premium boutiques, offering classic men’s fashion both in Europe and the US.

“It meant that men could finally express more individuality in the form of new addons represented by, for instance, the galosh,

whether that was in terms of a more elegant, black version or a more colourful style, such as our trademark orange,” he says.

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