Colourful headbands inspired by nature


Inspired by the raw Norwegian nature, hiking and skiing enthusiast

Linda Törner turned her love for mountain fashion into a stylish and colourful headband range.

Through her brand TRNR, she hopes to inspire others to get outside and enjoy nature – while keeping warm.

As an eager hiker and ski tourer, Linda Törner can tell you first-hand how important it is to wear proper clothes when out in nature.

“What you wear is crucial. Inappropriate clothing and feeling cold can quickly turn a good experience into something negative.

Keeping your head warm is especially important to maintain the right body temperature and produce much-needed energy,” she says.

With this in mind, combined with a passion for colourful mountain fashion and a love of working with her hands, TRNR was born.

The stylish headbands are hand sewn in Telemark County in Norway and come in a range of bright colours and patterns.

The headband adventure started after Törner got inspired during a series of ski touring trips in the Norwegian Sunnmøre Alps.

“I have always had a love for beanies and headbands, but when hiking uphill I would often get too hot wearing a beanie.

The solution became headbands.

I struggled to find a decent selection in shops,

so I decided to design and make my own instead,” she explains.

With Törner’s deep passion for the mountains as well as skiing,

splitboarding and hiking, the vision behind the brand is to inspire

people to get out and explore nature while being visible and safe.

“It is important to travel safely in the mountains,

and wearing bright colours will make it easier to be spotted if something happens or in cases of emergency,” says Törner.

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