Colours Desert Dessert


London four-piece Colours are openly obsessed with American
trash culture, from the burgers they live on to the motels they
hit on a pilgrimage across the Land of The Free some years
back. It’s perhaps not surprising then that they sound
something like No Age collaborating with Sonic Youth to sound-track a teenage road movie. Colours

‘Desert Dessert’ is their debut release that hangs onto the back of one massive statichappy chord and Yankee, detached
vocals. Sure, you’ve heard bands like this before, but that takes
nothing away from naive sonic rush here, or the melancholic ‘Losers’ found on the B-side.

Where people seem to have gotten carried away is by
believing the false power of Washed Out when listening to him
as the sun sets and the BBQ sizzles.

That would certainly make for a gently giddy experience – euphoric even if
you throw in a beer and a day off – but on its own musical
merits, ‘Life of Leisure’ is pretty forgettable stuff, much like Whitest Boy Alive.

Bear in mind, though, that these are Greene’s oldest tracks, released in the states in Autumn ‘09. New track ‘Belong’ is a vast improvement.

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