Daughter Not to Disappear


Daughter’s second album is one of those records whose lyrics elevate it
from good to great, and singer

Elena Tonra’s lyricism is clearly a forte; her words are soaked in emotion and hugely expressive.

‘Alone / With You’, for instance, is a brutal dissection of domesticity that
conjures visions of terrifying dreams and lonely meal times.

On ‘Doing The Right Thing’ lines like “I’ll lose my mind / I’ll lose my children / I’ll lose my love” are genuinely captivating, and Tonra has an ability to eschew

melodrama and write about love in a very incisive way. It’s what made
their 2013 debut ‘If You Leave?’ a slow-burning success.

Opener, ‘New Ways’ is sweeping and shimmering; the whole song
seems to emerge gleaming and wet from a sea of dry ice.

Contrast that with closer ‘Made Of Stone’ – a gentle, ballad-like vignette.
But between them, and underneath all of its exquisitely chiming layers, ‘Not To Disappear’ is a relatively straightforward indie album.

Think The xx, or Emiliana Torrini.

Yet it’s also a thing of real beauty an album best listened to through headphones whilst walking through a congested city rush hour,

its sonic curves and sweeps somehow adding beauty to the everyday.

The London trio are a band with a highly unique musical identity, and
while that identity has only developed a little since their first release,

‘Not To Disappear’ drips real class from every icy hook.

crepuscular canticles.”

‘Follow’, their first single, that saw the production of Dan
Casey (who, among others,

already worked with another heavy psychedelic, kraut-informed band: Toy)

is possibly the most polished and controlled track among the 13 on this debut album,

together with the well arranged and balanced ‘We’ve
Got a Friend’.

Elsewhere, though, fuzz and reverbs get the better of melodies and sounds, as in the promising ‘Under the Night Time’ and ‘Telegramme’,

which unfortunately gets lost in its more than 6 minutes of Syd Barrett-esque indulgent structure.

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