Denmark’s booming software and app industry

Denmark’s booming

Smartphones and apps have become a part of daily life for many people, and Denmark is leading the way in the software field.

In a US report from 2016, Denmark came in at number five in a list of the European countries creating the most jobs in the app industry.

In terms of software development generally, Denmark is one of the leading European countries.

How many times have you used an app today?

If you are like most Scandinavians, chances are you have already used several.

Perhaps you read the news in an app while drinking your morning coffee,

listened to music using an app on your commute, Denmark’s booming

transferred money to a friend using an app, used a sleeping app, found a recipe for dinner in a cooking app, or used an app to listen to a podcast.

The list of things we use apps for is endless, and most of the time we do not even think about it.

There is an app for almost everything, and Denmark is at the top of the app game.

In the top five

According to a report by the American independent institute Progressive Policy Institute from 2016, Denmark’s booming

Denmark employs about 33,000 people in the app industry.

The number is based on analyses of online job postings compared with national numbers.

The UK takes the lead in Europe with 321,000 app-related jobs.

However, if you look at the numbers relative to the countries’ populations,

Denmark comes in fifth among the European countries with an app intensity of 1.2 per cent.

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