During the summer term it was announced that the Minster School, York was to close.

We were able to maintain the School’s nearly 1,400-year association with York Minster

and were proud to become the Choir School for York Minster from September.

This involved a huge amount of planning during the summer term in preparation for 40 choristers joining us.

Children participated in the national Shakespeare Schools’ Festival,

Yorkshire Schools Dance Festival and celebrated British Science Week with specific lessons built around key themes, competitions and quizzes.

Teams competed in national maths competitions and the national MFL Spelling Bee.

We ran maths masterclasses for local primary schools involving our staff and pupils.

The school launched the national iDEA award for all Year 7 pupils.

This programme helps young people develop digital, enterprise

and employability skills through a series of online challenges and events. In sport, we enjoyed a rugby tour to Venice before lockdown.

We played in the IAPS national hockey finals (boys and girls) for the first time.

In amongst our sporting victories, we were especially proud to win the

“Most Sporting Team” award in the Aysgarth School Spirit of Soccer tournament. Swimmers achieved success in the HMC North East of England championships.

 Remote learning in the summer term was delivered to all pupils using Microsoft Teams.

 Teachers had never used Teams prior to lockdown and spent their holidays learning vital

new skills to ensure an exceptionally high level of learning whilst pupils were at home.

Sports challenges, music concerts, drama workshops, clubs and activities, including dance club

and cookery club, were all delivered virtually, to ensure that children could continue to develop their skills and interests.

 The teacher was ‘live’ throughout every online lesson, to provide support and guidance, not just at the start of a lesson or merely uploading work.

Children used objects and resources available at home to explore important themes from natural disasters to mental health.

They composed music, created collages, designed video animations, produced silent movies,

devised shadow puppet shows, baked WW2 recipes, made LEGO structures to represent earthquakes,

and even recreated nerve cells using clay.

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