With its 100th anniversary within striking distance,

the iconic Italian luxury brand Gucci has added to its Gucci Equilibrium digital platform in June with a website refresh and a new Instagram profile: Instagram. com/GucciEquilibrium.

The move furthers the mission of Gucci Equilibrium, which was launched in 2018 as a vehicle committed to reducing environmental impact and fostering inclusivity.

Simply put: treating our planet and each other better.

Speaking directly to social influencers within #GucciCommunity, the forward-thinking maison has already evolved: Reducing their EP&L (Environmental Profit & Loss)

by 21 percent year over year; protecting 1,102,000 hectares of forestlands; expanding the use of recycled raw materials and organic fibers in its collections;

incorporating responsibly sourced precious metals like ethical gold in hardware and jewelry;

extending sustainable processes and manufacturing efficiencies, such as Gucci Scrap-less for leather and Gucci-Up for circularity; and switching to green energy.

With this enlightened ethos, Gucci Off The Grid marks the first collection from Gucci Circular Lines, promoting circular production with an environmental leave-no-trace spirit.

All things being equal, the pre-fall 2020–2021 collection comprises genderless footwear, luggage, accessories, and ready-to-wear,

all created using recycled, organic, bio-based, sustainably sourced materials, including the regenerated nylon ECONYL®.

With a we’re-all-in-this together attitude, creative director Alessandro Michele launched the campaign by tapping activist and environmentalist Jane Fonda and American rapper Lil Nas X to build a treehouse in a forest of skyscrapers.

Joining the eco-friendly team, King Princess, Miyavi, and David de Rothschild also helped them build the urban-forest home. It’s all circular.

Bolstering the brand’s revolution, last summer CEO Marco Bizzarri announced a new executive role titled Global Head of Diversity,

Equity & Inclusion and appointed Renée Tirado (who previously held a similar role with Major League Baseball) to lead this urgent charge.

This June, through Gucci’s North America Changemakers Impact Fund, Gucci donated to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP),

Campaign Zero, and Know Your Rights Camp to support those organizations’ critical work in advancing justice and stamping out discrimination.

Fundamentally, the next century of Gucci begins with unifying voices, sustainability at its core, and a pursuit of fostering respect for our planet and people.

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