Every day is a party for Mauritz

Every day is a party

If you are after unique bowties for children and adults,

Mormora til Mauritz (meaning ‘Mauritz’ grandmother’) is the brand to look out for.

“We want to make everyday life a little more marvellous with our enchanting bowties.

Why go to a chain to buy a bowtie everyone else has, when you can buy a special one from us?”

says founder Hanne Bie-Lorentzen Schultz.

Bie-Lorentzen Schultz started the company along with her mother, Nina Bie-Lorentzen, as a hobby while on maternity leave.

Now the two ladies are looking at the possibility of making it their full-time priority.

Bie-Lorentzen Schultz became a mother to little Mauritz in January last year.

“We were invited to a party when Mauritz was a couple of weeks old, and I wanted to dress him up.

I searched all over Grimstad for a little bowtie he could wear.

This proved very difficult, so I decided to ask my mother, Every day is a party

Mauritz’ grandmother, if she could create one for the occasion,” she recalls.

The little bowtie became quite popular, and she soon started gifting them as maternity presents for her friends.

Suddenly all the dads asked for matching bowties for Christenings and other special occasions, and things took off.

Today, the family business is known far beyond Grimstad’s borders.

Mormora til Mauritz has now created over 300 different patterns and styles, all handmade.

Everyone in the family is involved; dad created the website, mum takes photos for it and sources the fabric, Every day is a party

the grandmother assembles and sews the bows, and little Mauritz is in charge of quality control.

Mauritz is, in fact, the fifth generation in his family to be in the fashion industry at their clothing store G. Gundersen in Storgaten.

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