Find the official mountain bike trails with Singletracker

Find the official

Do you have mud in your blood, like being in nature and love the adrenaline rush you get from riding your mountain bike,

but have a hard time finding good trails? Then Singletracker is for you.

The free app shows you close to 200 official trails in Denmark, so get ready to dust off that bike.

Mountain biking is one of the most popular sports in Denmark, with about 330,000 riders.

Nevertheless, it has been hard for bikers to find the official trails.

With Singletracker, it has become easier.

Simply pick one of the 200 trails sorted according to distance, Find the official

press start, enjoy being navigated all the way around, and press stop when you are back home.

It is simple and provides you with track times, the chance to review the trails and much more.

Morten Kamp Schubert, founder and CEO of Singletracker, found the demand for the app to help systematise the sport obvious.

“I wanted to create an app that could show bikers all the official mountain bike trails.

Even the hidden trails out in the wilderness should be easy to find with Singletracker,” says Schubert.

“Moreover, we encourage the bikers to stay on the dedicated mountain bike trails in order to avoid conflicts with others who are out enjoying nature.”

Safety first

Singletracker is also a great tool for landowners, municipalities and the government.

“They can all communicate with the bikers via the app. Find the official

They can send them messages and inform them that trails are closed due to hunting or bad weather, or if they need help with trail work.

It is a great communication tool for everyone,” explains Schubert.

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