When I took over The Oundelian at the start of this year, it was in the hope that last year’s edition would

be the COVID edition, and as you can see, the first articles of the year – ‘We’re Back!’ – are full of the optimism and exhilaration of being at School in person, rather than at home and online.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. Even with all the ingenuity shown by staff and pupils to keep things running, the whole year was, inevitably,

COVID-flavoured, and hardly any part of our School lives, our personal lives, and so, this magazine, was left free of its unsavoury tang.

The Oundelian has always been about showcasing pupil journalism, rather than about representing every aspect of the School year, with its vast array of academic and co-curricular activities.

The tone is set by a team of editors from the Upper Sixth and the content is generated

by them and a team of Fifth and Lower Sixth formers, with all of whom it has been an absolute pleasure to work.

This year, the team has had to be divided into three different bubbles, in three different buildings,

which has been cause for satisfaction only when looking at my step-counting

App on a Wednesday evening! I have, however, been ongoingly impressed in my conversations with all groups,

by their engagement in School life and in the affairs of the wider world, as they explore the things that matter to them. I believe that this engagement is reflected in the magazine they have produced.

COVID clearly forms the overriding theme of the magazine, hence our selection of the cover photograph, taken

by Minnie Wang (N U6) of the Photography Club, which is representative of so many of our School days in lockdown.

However, the team’s original idea for this year’s The Oundelian was inspired

by the Head’s address to the School at the start of the year, which was about tackling prejudice in the School community.

In spite of the turn the year took, I think this still comes through strongly. There was a real buzz of optimism around the creation of the Pupil Pastoral Forum, a group of pupil-ambassadors for,

amongst other things, Gender Equality, Mental Health, Racial Equality, Charity and LGBTQIA+, led by the Heads of School.

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