From the President’s desk

From the President’s desk

Looking towards 2019 it is exciting to see the interest and registration uptake for

the national convention, Hutt 2019 ‘Focus on Learning’.

The convention organising committee has developed a unique and interesting programme that is going to push the boundaries for many of us, in a variety of ways.

Yes, the programme is different, but if we continue to offer the same type of programme for each national convention, what is the point of asking and engaging clubs ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี

and members to develop an event unique to their creative thinking? Any change is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.

As my late Mum, who was a very wise woman, always said to me, ‘Embrace change – it is the only constant in life’.

The Southern Regional Convention is scheduled for Invercargill in October 2019, and I am looking forward to returning to the Deep South.

The National Convention in 2011, ably hosted by the Southland Photography Society, is where my tenure on Council started,

so it will feel like completing a full circle to return and explore more areas of this scenic part of the country.

Meantime, Councillor for Membership James Gibson APSNZ EFIAP

is developing a series of unique workshop series purely for PSNZ members.

Watch this space and social media for more details on this exciting series.

Hopefully by now many of you are well on the way to completing your portfolio for the 2019 Honours Awards.

I truly hope everything has gone to plan for you and ‘the end is in sight’ for your project.

Remember the deadline to get these to Heather Harley APSNZ is 28 February 2019. That is also the deadline for nominating a member for a PSNZ Service Award.

Should you feel a member deserves recognition for their outstanding contribution

to either PSNZ or photography in general, there are a number of awards they can be nominated for.

All details are available on the website and see also the article in this issue, by Newell Grenfell Hon PSNZ FPSNZ FNPSNZ.

For more information:  ลาวสามัคคี วีไอพี