Golf in Denmark

For a small country such as Denmark, its 188 golf courses offer a large range of golf experiences.

In one day you can easily play several different courses for any level of difficulty.

Golfers can expect a large variety of course types within a short distance,

from seaside courses with stunning views and parkland courses with beautiful flora and fauna, all with the necessary facilities.

Furthermore, Denmark is known for having some of the lowest green fees in Europe and the clubs

are happy to assist with bookings and can recommend accommodations nearby.

Last year, for the first time in 11 years, the European Tour returned to Denmark for the Made in Denmark golf tournament.

This year the tournament will be played on the 20 to 23 August on the Backtee Course at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort.

The Danish golf clubs have more than 150,000 members, making golf a particularly popular sport in Denmark.

With 15 players on the leading tours in Europe and the United States,

Denmark has never been stronger and there is always new young talent on the way.

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