Vadim Atroshenko: Grafton was truly saddened to hear about Vadim’s passing.

After receiving the news, several of us gathered at a pub in London for a final toast and shared our favourite stories of him.

We have such fond memories of our time growing up together at Oundle and send our love to his family.

Jack Bannister: Completed an Art foundation course at Leeds in 2011 and started painting portraits as soon as I’d finished.

I went on to do this full-time for the next seven years – highlights were regularly exhibiting with the Royal

Society of Portrait Painters and being awarded the ‘Zee’s Claw’ for excellence in 2017.

After a bit, I decided a career change was in order, so moved down to London in 2018

and worked in marketing and then landscaping. After a few months digging holes, I figured I’d really like to be an osteopath.

So, I applied, and since September 2019 I’ve been studying at the University College of Osteopathy

and work a little sports massage on the side at the Oily Piece in Camberwell.

Freddie Cornish: After leaving Oundle, I moved to London for Business Studies with Finance and then my WSET with the thought of going into Wine Investment.

However, after finding out my talents lay more in the entertaining of clients, I quickly fell into AI technology sales where I have found myself working for a number of large American corporates.

 I got engaged in October 2019 and am looking forward to getting married in April of 2021.

 Fred Risch: After Oundle, I did a ski season in the French alps, followed by a trip with Doug Anson (F 10) and Oscar BW (L 10) around Cuba and Mexico.

I then went on to the University of Southampton where I studied Anthropology, and continued my interest in skiing through the university club, where I organised student trips to the mountains.

Post-graduation, I swapped my planks for a cheap suit and landed a job in recruitment.

After a few years, I moved into business development in tech, most recently drinking the Kool Aid at an American company.

I’ve been in London for the last six years, currently living with my girlfriend in Fulham.

Gwilym James: After Oundle, I spent my gap year working in a school on the North Island of New Zealand

before heading to the University of Nottingham to study Computer

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