great opportunities are given

great opportunities are given

great opportunities are given

The number-one reason is that the company is always run as a meritocracy.

What that means is that great opportunities are given to people.

who put up results and it’s not based on politics or “ who you know or what you look like.

the same employees right across their stay.

They’re going to get to know them and learn a little about them. As an example,

we don’t wear name tags at The Cromwell because the place is so small that you’re going to run into staff and our employees are trained to introduce themselves and really let their personality shine through.

They don’t have a scripted line that they have to follow.

 An experience that is unique like that is what travelers are coming to expect, rather than just upscale luxury and the grandeur that we see in some of the higher-end properties.

In Las Vegas, we have a lot of properties that are in that upper echelon and continue to be built on the Las Vegas Strip.

 great opportunities are given But there’s an opportunity for properties like Harrah’s, The Linq and Flamingo to really grow because they’re really addressing that next tier of customers that want good value,

 something affordable but still have a fantastic vacation.

How would you describe the respective niches targeted by the Flamingo Las Vegas, The Linq and The Cromwell? The Linq is definitely geared toward Millennials.

 We have a tagline that says, “We’re a Millennial playground.” You can find any thrill,

entertainment or experience that you’re looking for, whether it’s riding our zipline that goes across the Promenade or taking

great opportunities are given a thrilling ride on the High Roller, which is the world’s largest observation wheel, to playing some futuristic casino games.

We have skill-based games. We have an interactive sports book called The Book and a lot of really great features at The Linq.

 We’ve been able to demonstrate a high propensity for Millennial travelers.

 While that’s been a demographic that’s been tough for some other brands to break into, we show a very strong preference with that customer.

 Then we’ve got the Flamingo, which is much more all-encompassing.

 great opportunities are given We’re the 15th-largest hotel in the world with over 3,400 rooms. We really need to service a lot of different demographics here.

So we talk about the Flamingo having something for everyone with fun being the mainstay of that. Also, we have a huge, international guest visitation.

They know the brand. We’re the oldest and longest-operating on the Strip.

We just turned 73 years old on December 26 and of course we have our famous roots with Bugsy Siegel, our famous founder here at the Flamingo.

 That creates a huge amount of brand pull. We have guests around the globe that want to see a piece of authentic Vegas history.

 We’re really in Phase Two of an over $150 million renovation of the property,

so it’s a resurgence of its global, iconic status and when these people come back to the Flamingo to see the property all redone it’s been really tremendous for them.

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