Group photoshoot etiquette

Group photoshoot etiquette

AT THE RECENT NZIPP conference in Wellington, President Moira Blincoe LPSNZ,

Honours Board member Tracey Scott FPSNZ and I were discussing some

of the things that we all disliked when we took part in group photoshoots.

We all agreed that many of the issues we had discussed were not deliberate actions,

but rather the result of people not thinking about what was happening.

It was suggested that an article on etiquette would be useful and as editor it fell on me to write it ลาวสามัคคี.

With the central regional convention happening before the next issue of CameraTalk, I thought it was appropriate to cover it here.

When I reviewed all the discussion it essentially came down to four simple guidelines.

Be aware of what is going on around you We all agreed that it was a major frustration,

when we had set up a shot, only to have another photographer blindly walk into it.

 Even worse than that, some actually jumped in front of the first photographer to take the shot.

When you are out in a group be aware of what other photographers are doing, and particularly what they are aiming their cameras at.

If you like what they are shooting, wait until they have finished and then take your turn.

 Don’t block passageways This is an extension of the first item, but this time it is the photographer who creates their own problem.

If you are shooting in a traffic area then be aware of people who might want to come through, and allow them to do so.

Don’t hog limited resources One of the attractions of field trips in recent years is that the organisers have added additional items to them.

The most common one has been models, often in costume. I know that the majority of PSNZ photographers do not have ready access to models,

so you want to make the most of the situations. However, resources such as models

are limited and it is quite rude if someone tries to monopolise them just to get their own shots.

This is especially true if you are the sort of photographer who takes a lot of time setting up your shots.

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