Hang out with the locals by the Arctic Circle

Hang out with

Situated by the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden, Övertorneå makes a great destination for those who

are looking for a truly genuine Arctic experience in Swedish Lapland.

With strong variations between the seasons, there are always new and exciting adventures to embark on throughout the year.

As part of Torne Valley and bordering Finland, the region is a melting pot of different cultures, including Swedish,

Finnish and Sámi, with a vast and long history.

The legacy is very much alive today and expresses itself in ways that guarantee an unforgettable visit.

“It is difficult to describe the culture here in Övertorneå – you have to experience it for yourself,”

says Therése Wintervy, destination developer at Övertorneå municipality.

The region has its own minority language, ‘meänkieli’, meaning ‘our language’, Hang out with

just one of many examples that the area has stayed true to its roots and mishmash of cultures.

To be friendly and hospitable is second nature to the locals, something visitors get to experience first-hand.

“It is part of the identity here to do that little extra something for someone in order to make them feel welcome.

As a visitor, you’ll immediately get exposed to the Arctic lifestyle and become integrated with the people living here,” explains Wintervy.

Swim back in time and celebrate New Year’s Eve twice

The seasons change fast in Övertorneå – so fast that one could consider them as eight rather than four.

With long summer nights bathing in the golden rays of the midnight sun, colourful autumn days and crisp, Hang out with

snowy winter weeks with degrees well below zero, there are always adventures awaiting in this ever-changing environment.

A different but popular activity is to ‘swim back in time’ under the midnight sun in July.

This peculiar competition, dubbed Swim the Arctic Circle, is organised by an association right by

the Arctic Circle and sees more than 200 international participants every year.

The contestants line up on the Finnish side of the majestic Torne River at 12:05am and aim to swim over to the Swedish side within 55 minutes.

If they manage to do so, they have technically travelled back in time, since Finland is one hour ahead of Sweden time-wise.

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