How to manage meetings the smart way

How to manage

The Danish IT Company AskCody specialises in increasing work pleasure and productivity.

Its software platform helps companies to simplify administrative How to manage

work processes and make daily life easier in terms of booking meetings and meeting rooms.

You probably know the feeling: what in theory should be a simple task ends up taking several hours when it comes to booking a meeting.

You have to find the time, invite the guests, book the appropriate conference room, How to manage

order food and arrange for guests to be picked up at the reception; perhaps you even have to sort out a parking pass.

Afterwards, you have to invoice the correct cost centres for their service,

so what initially was a onehour meeting has now become a threehour task.

“We see this on an everyday basis in all companies. Booking a meeting should be something very simple, but it just isn’t.

Surveys show that each employee during an average week spends up to five hours on administrative preparation for a meeting.

That’s pretty much ten per cent of your working week out the window, and that’s ridiculous.

So that is the problem we aim to solve with our platforms,” says Allan Mørch, CEO and founder of AskCody.

A complete solution  The platform from AskCody has been designed to integrate with a company’s existing productive infrastructure, s

o if your company has,

for instance, a Microsoft platform, the AskCody platform goes on top of that and cooperates with it.

“From your Outlook account, you are then able to book a meeting room, order the necessary IT equipment,

order food and inform the reception about guests attending the meeting.

The applicable organisational units automatically receive a notification on what is expected

from their side and at what time – and because the system is similar to what the employee already knows,

it takes almost no time at all to get familiar with it,” explains Mørch.

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