Important Events

Important Events

The Bristol Bus Boycott (Fiona Chung) In 1963,

Guy Bailey, a 19-year-old Jamaican, went to a job interview at the Bristol Omnibus Company. 

He was one of 3,000 black people living in Bristol at the time.

Most of them were from the Caribbean who had settled in Britain after World War Two but people from Africa and India also emigrated to the UK to help rebuild the country.

Despite having the qualifications to do the work and knowing the company had job vacancies, he was turned away.

It was clear that the company had a colour barthey were refusing to employ people of colour.

As the campaign and publicity around the event grew, people in the city  boycotted the bus service in support. 

There were sit down protests, blockades and boycotters chose to walk or cycle to get around the city instead of taking the buses.  Eventually,

Important Events There was a change in policy.

The Bristol Omnibus Company agreed to discontinue the unofficial colour bar.

Paul Stephenson, Guy Bailey and Roy Hackett, who were all key people involved in the bus boycott, received OBEs in recognition of their efforts against racial injustice.

The Murder of Stephen Lawrence (Caragh Shaw) The murder of 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence in 1993 was a racially charged attack that was perpetrated by white youths.

This case is so important because it highlights how racism was still an issue in the UK and how the UK police failed in bringing justice to cases which are racially charged.

Stephen Lawrence died on the 22nd April 1993 in Eltham,

South-East London after being attacked by a group of white youths.

He initially managed to break free but collapsed and eventually died of two stab wounds.

The names of the youths, which included David Norris and Gary Dobson, were anonymously submitted to the police as dozens of people had given in the names of the suspected murders.

However, the murder investigation completely failed and all charges were dropped in July 1993.

The case highlighted the failure of the police and the corruptness of the system as there was speculation of ties between one detective and Norris’ father who was a prolific gangster.

Only two of the suspected murderers, Norris and Dobson, have been convicted after trials in 2011.

Stephen Lawrence’s father,

Neville, repeatedly noted that he was having to convince media and the police that his son was not involved in gangs, was a hard working.

A-level student and wanted to be an architect; this is further emphasised by the fact that the Metropolitan.

Police was convinced initially that it was drug-related rather than a racially charged attack.

Important Events It is so important because it exposed the “institutionalised racism”

(William Macpherson coined this term in his inquiry into the mishandling of this case) of the police,

Media and the people of Britain that still remained even in a period as late as the 1990s.

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