Improving the world one bathroom at a time


Some companies claim that you cannot operate a successful business on a valuebased management model.

Danish Pressalit is the proof that they are wrong. On top of being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of regular and accessible bathroom solutions,

the family-owned business is heading a number of awardwinning CSR programmes.

It all started with a toilet seat. In 1952, rather by coincidence, two carpenters discovered the perfect material for toilet seats.

Two years later, Pressalit was born. Fast-forward to year 2020, and the company is – with 300 employees, Improving

worldwide distribution and a cupboard full of business, CSR, and design awards – one of the world’s leading producers of bathroom solutions.

But despite the increase in scale, Pressalit is still managed and owned by Kim and Dan Boyter,

the grandsons of one of the company’s first owners.

The continued private ownership is one of the reasons why Pressalit has

been able to invest in new developments in a way that other ownership structures would never have allowed.

The most remarkable result of this is the production of accessible Improving

toilets and kitchens that have changed the lives of disabled people all over the world.

“If someone had looked at it with a regular business perspective,

we’d had to answer to shareholders, for instance; then the more care-focused part of Pressalit would not have existed,”

explains Claus Lund Albertsen, Nordic sales director at Pressalit.

“However, the Boyters were determined to increase the focus on care-related projects.

They invested in it and built an organisation where the focus on accessibility for all resulted in being able to develop products

exclusively with a healthcare purpose rather than adapting standard products to make them accessible for people with disabilities.”

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