Inside out perfectionism

Inside out perfectionism

Aesthetic, sculptural and functional furniture stripped of all excess is at the heart of the Danish furniture manufacturer Engelbrechts A/S.

The Copenhagen-based company, which works with four award-winning Danish designers,

is behind a versatile collection of adaptable tables and chairs observable in, among other places, Copenhagen’s Tivoli Congress Centre.

No matter what way you turn Engelbrechts A/S’s Chairik chairs,

you will find no imperfect or superfluous components; the same goes for the rest of the company’s meticulously thought-through collection.

The aspiration towards aesthetic and functional perfectionism stems back to the firm’s founder, Inside out perfectionism

design and development director Morten Engelbrecht, a selfprofessed perfectionist.

Having worked for various high-end furniture traders for many years, Engelbrecht founded Engelbrechts A/S in 1989.

“I’ve always been very critical when it comes to design; it has to be of a very high quality both design-wise and production-wise.

So, my dream and ambition were to create a collection that had a common thread running through all pieces.

I wanted to create a design that would command respect from architects and meet my own criteria,” explains Engelbrecht.

Today, Engelbrechts A/S’s collection comprises eight series of chairs and tables, Inside out perfectionism

suitable for conference halls, receptions, canteens and meeting rooms all over the world.

Functional designs

All of the designs for Engelbrechts A/S’s furniture are centred around the product’s

functional purpose and this has resulted in an impressive versatility in items such as the Chairik chairs and the Click tables.

Even without help from tools, a single person can easily disassemble and assemble the Click table in various sizes and shapes,

and the Chairik chair can, in the production phase, be adjusted to the different demands of clients.

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