Integrity, Accountability,

Preparedness and Outreach

Four important attributes will guide the mission

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act’s framework calls on the National Indian Gaming Commission to work in partnership with the Indian gaming regulatory community, tribal government and the gaming industry. Together, we have a common interest in the protection of tribal assets and the promotion of tribal self-sufficiency. Only through partnerships can we meet the commission’s statutory mission as a federal regulatory body. In my new capacity as commission chairman,

I intend to strengthen our partnerships by shaping the agency’s daily work around four emphasis areas: integrity in the Indian gaming industry; accountability in the way the NIGC meets its commitment to good governance; preparedness and planning among tribes and federal partners to ensure the protection of tribal assets; and outreach that will ensure efficient and effective policy development as well as a commitment to the federal-tribal relationship

• Integrity. Indian gaming’s reputation for sound regulation has helped Indian gaming grow to a multi billion-dollar industry. Protecting the industry’s integrity means protecting an invaluable tool in many communities. Indian gaming enables tribes to create jobs, and can be the lifeblood of tribal programs. It also empowers tribes to explore and strengthen relationships with neighboring jurisdictions.

The agency’s national perspective is a powerful platform to disseminate real-time information that advises operators and gaming authorities about threats to the integrity of this valuable tribal tool. The NIGC’s platform enables it to heighten awareness and mitigate risk around areas of emerging concern.

• Accountability. Only through accountability to sound organizational processes can the NIGC properly meet its obligations. As a federal agency, the NIGC is obligated to uphold good governance practices.

The agency’s decision-making processes need to promote efficient, effective and transparent resolution of matters. Our budget processes need to be forward-planning, and provide opportunities for input from the tribal communities we serve.

And the agency’s staff of talented and dedicated subject-matter experts must share a commitment to professionalism and service. It is our responsibility to remain accountable, both as a federal body serving the American people, and as an organization with a mission to protect tribal assets.

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