interest in learning

interest in learning

is critical to appealing to gamblers’ actual interest in learning about gambling and their own behavior.

We are launching PlayersEdge with messages that speak to different segments, and will refresh messages in the casino environment (digital messages, print collateral, social media, direct communications to players) so that players receive an ongoing stream of education. 

The segmentation approach is also the foundation of the training that we provide to all guest-facing employees through an on-line training program, “Frontline Fundamentals”.

For supervisors and managers, we add a 2-hour classroom session, “Supervisor Support”, to deepen knowledge of segments, signs of potential problems, on how to interact with guest who may be experiencing harm.

OK, but isn’t the idea behind any casino company to keep the player playing? Isn’t this kind of taking the “political correctness” of current times a bit too far?

 interest in learning Paul: PlayersEdge is designed to be relevant, interesting and engaging for players, and to add value to their experience. Casinos need gamblers to return to their properties year after year if the industry is to have a sustainable base of customers.

When players understand gambling and its risks they are better able to manage their play in a selfdirected fashion.  PlayersEdge is based on the “informed decision-making” approach in which Hard Rock provides education and support to enable healthy play habits.

interest in learning Hard Rock cares about the well-being of our players and does not want to see them experience harm.

Casino operators have an obligation to provide assistance and referrals to those who can benefit from professional support services.

Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming have supported access to counseling services, as a promoter and a funder, for decades.

For employees, the PlayersEdge strategy clarifies and defines what their role is in helping players.

And, do

employees find its information and the training helpful when they are on the gaming floor?

Aren’t “smart” or “educated” gamblers a risk to the casino? What if Hard Rock is so good at teaching proper gambling to it’s

patrons that it creates so many advantage players that it kills it’s own profitability?

From a business perspective, “house advantage” still applies at all of our casinos. We want people to enjoy the entertaining experience of wagering on an uncertain outcome.

Hard Rock believes that players and the industry are better off with informed players.

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