“I’ve always felt the urge to create”

I’ve always felt

Refined Scandinavian simplicity inspired by fashion, architecture and nature defines the essence of Pernille Corydon Jewellery.

The demand for the autodidactic Danish designer’s distinct, modern jewellery and its pure and feminine I’ve always felt

expression has spread from her small hometown on Funen across the entire world.

Ten years ago, frustrated by the lack of simple and elegant jewellery to her taste,

nursery nurse Pernille Corydon started ordering home bits and pieces to create her own jewellery.

What started out as a hobby has become a coveted jewellery brand, sold today all over the world from London to Berlin and Tokyo.

“I’ve always felt the urge to create.

In my spare time I’ve had a number of creative hobbies like painting and ceramics; I find inspiration everywhere,”

Corydon explains and adds: “But I’ve never been a jewellery girl, because at that time,

ten years ago, everything was very voluminous, detailed and heavily adorned, and that was not my style, so I stayed away from jewellery.

Then I started making my own jewellery and immediately found that it struck a chord within me.”

Soon after, Corydon opened a design and interiors store in her local town Haderslev, which became the first place she sold her jewellery.

From there its reputation spread.

Inspired by the world

When looking at the rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in Corydon’s two yearly collections,

the recurrence of pure geometric shapes and natural objects is evident.

Corydon finds the inspiration for these in everything around her, most markedly architecture and landscapes.

Some sources of inspiration are clearly reflected in the finished items, such as the Brick collection,

which with its square shapes clearly hints at the geometrical pattern of the Dutch farmland landscape that inspired it.

Others are more abstract or represent just a small detail of something that caught the designer’s eye.

“Constructions, houses, furniture, nature and architecture are all my sources of inspiration,

but what I deduct from them is a very simplified expression.

Often, when I sketch, I start out with a lot more and then I peel off several layers to get to the essence.

That’s the expression that I love and have come to represent;

people often tell me that they recognise my jewellery from afar because of that,” the designer explains.

The consistently simple and pure look of Corydon’s jewellery and her many sources of inspiration also

mean that her collections are not dictated by the fashion industry, giving her items the longevity suitable for treasured jewellery.

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