Key economic drivers

Key economic drivers

Agriculture, culture and tourism have also been prioritised

as the province’s key economic drivers and a policy to this effect has been put in place.

The target is to grow the economy of the province from the current two per cent to at least six per cent by 2019,

with agriculture being placed at the apex of the economic development strategy, says the Premier.

“The North West Province has a competitive advantage in the maize production industry as it is amongst

the top-three maize growing provinces in South Africa, hence our recognition as the country’s food basket.

We have resolved to focus our energies and strengths on what we do best and this is agriculture.

“We have taken a bold decision to do everything in our power to empower our farmers to ensure that agriculture

in the North West continues to contribute immensely to our gross domestic product.”

Arts and culture also rank high on the province’s priorities.

“The talent possessed by our local artists, coupled with rich heritage and uncontested Batswana history,

is what we need to give precedence to and preserve,” says Premier Mahumapelo.

The province is working on a radical programme to support artists with the necessary resources, such as the establishment of recording studios in all district municipalities.

“The Mahika-Mahikeng Music and Cultural Festival, which will take place in the first week of December this year, will give real meaning to our vision to rebrand, reposition and renew our province.

We are expecting thousands of music fanatics, from across South Africa and neighbouring SADC countries, to attend this unique and first of its kind festival.

“We are thus embarking on an aggressive drive to promote the North West, attract lucrative tourism investments and position the province as a tourists’ destination of choice,” he says.

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