Zulfakir Ali Bhutto Jr: The last ten years of my life has been an unlearning of what

Oundle School tried to grill into my brown Muslim head.

 I made valuable friends in Oundle; however, it would weigh on my conscience not

to say that racism and prejudice among the school’s teaching staff went entirely unchecked.

Teachers lauded imperial projects in Asia and Africa and believed the British were entitled to gratitude.

There were also many teachers who laboured to compensate for the errors of their colleagues and I thank them.

Since Oundle, I have earned an MAH in History of Art at The University of Edinburgh and then an MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute.

I am a full-time visual artist, performer and curator based in California – my curatorial work

and writing is for the most part concerned with uplifting Muslim voices, specifically queer and trans Muslim voices.

 I have had the privilege of speaking at NYU, Columbia and Stanford and I continue to perform and show my work globally.

Throughout this journey I have prayed every day that God grants me grace in all that I do.

Theo Cowper: Taking a year out after school to travel, I went to Exeter University to study Ancient History.

From there, I found it difficult to find purpose in any graduate job and was drawn back to education, completing a PGCE in Latin with Classics at King’s College London.

I have now been teaching for four years, first at Eastbourne College on the South Coast,

where I worked with former teachers Cris Symes and Alex Eadon, before moving back to London.

I am now living with my long-term girlfriend and two cats and working at Townley Grammar School, as Head of Latin.  

Charles Emberson: After graduating from university, I travelled around a bit before moving to Switzerland to work in materials science research.

When I realised this wasn’t for me, I moved back to London and worked in a few bars and then in restaurant management.

Last year I married my wife Helen and I am now mostly at home with our two children,

Otto and Isla, while doing some work with spirits companies and running cocktail classes on the side. David Frost: After leaving Oundle,

I studied Computer Science at Durham, where I fell in with a bunch of similarly minded geeks whom I remain in close contact with today.

After leaving university, I found a job making pensions software; four years later,

I got tired of the two-hour door-to-door commute and found work a bit closer to home.

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