Local seafood flavours in idyllic Sakrisøy

Local seafood

Seafood has always been a big part of Lofoten’s long and rich history.

At Anita’s Seafood, the products and dishes are based on decades of tradition and attention to detail.

On the idyllic island of Sakrisøy in Norway, where the northern lights dance and the scent of seafood sets the tone,

you can find the ultimate place to discover local flavours while exploring the northern Norwegian fishing traditions.

Here, the Gylseth family has been harvesting and preparing high-quality seafood as well as accommodating keen travellers for almost 130 years.

At the cosy delicacy shop situated in a picturesque wooden house near the seafront, Local seafood

Anita’s Seafood strives to give visitors an authentic experience for all the senses.

Offering a wide range of locally sourced seafood with everything from shrimps, Local seafood

stockfish, clipfish, smoked salmon, halibut and caviar to freshly baked bread, cheese and homemade aioli,

the friendly staff offer a taste of the traditional and delicious local cuisine.

Traditions and craftsmanship

“When you visit us, you can buy products and small dishes at the counter to bring

with you, or enjoy them with the spectacular views from our seafood bar.

I recommend tasting our world-famous fish burger topped with shrimps and salmon – it is delicious and a favourite among the tourists,”

says owner Anita Gylseth, who started Anita’s Seafood as a part of the family business 27 years ago.

Ever since Sven Kornelius Gylseth bought the old trading place Sakrisøy in 1889,

the family has been working hard on maintaining the traditions and craftsmanship on the island through five generations.

Today, there is a great variety of businesses within the fishing village,

and the tiny island has become a popular attraction among travellers from near and far, who seek to experience the real Lofoten.

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