Look at me, mum!

Look at me, mum!

Stand by your priorities of family time and working hours but be present with your children when you are with them.

“Who wants to play outside with me?” I only need to ask once and there they are.

My two toddlers, tumbling over each other, both wanting to be the first one fully dressed. They simply love it.

Time for active play and time to be seen and heard. Time spent close to their mum and dad.

It doesn’t cost a penny, but it means everything.

Children are the most important element in life, both society- and parent-wise.

They are entitled to a happy start in life because we created them and especially Look at me, mum!

since the first years of a person’s life shapes their personality traits.

The vast majority of parents are willing to go through fire to ensure their children have a happy and loving upbringing.

When you ask the experts (and the children themselves, for that matter),

it is not expensive experiences and costly gifts that mark the frame for a good life for children.

It is simply presence; time of proximity without distractions.

No guilty conscience

In Denmark, most children are cared for outside of the home while both parents tend to their careers.

So how do you incorporate presence and closeness into a family with two full-time jobs and children, Look at me, mum!

who are often in day care for eight hours a day?

How do you fill busy mornings and tired afternoons with positive energy, before bedtime?

In any case, you hardly get a better life feeling guilty and inadequate,

while trying to fulfil the roles of the self-sacrificing parent, the generous spouse and the perfect employee.

Very few parents have the ability to balance all three, despite societal tendencies towards the dream scenario that

you should be able to boast of hours with effortless interaction,

well-behaved children, home-cooked meals and stimulating activities every day.

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