Marianne Smith

Marianne Smith

Marianne has made an exceptional contribution

to the life of the School having been involved with a wide range of areas,

 including leading New House for 13 years, teaching both PE and Geography,

undertaking numerous School trips and, most recently, running the PSHE

programme and taking the lead in terms of delivering this crucial area of the curriculum in an original and dynamic way.

She arrived at Oundle in 1997 as Head of Girls’ Games, following twenty years working across a wide range

of schools including in the maintained sector, a Catholic convent and a girls’ day school.

Initially she tutored in Wyatt until 1999 when she became Deputy Housemistress in New House.

In 2002 she took on the role of Head of Sport, stepping down from this post to take over New House in 2004.

Both her daughter, Bridie, and son, Jack, attended the School, leaving in 2004 and 2006 respectively.

Having served as Nicola Guise’s Deputy for several years, her time as Housemistress of New House began in the most challenging of circumstances.

 Nicola was the archetypal ‘tough act’ to follow, but Marianne stepped into her shoes seamlessly,

continuing with everything that was already great in the House and adding many brilliant touches of her own.

 At all times her focus was on the happiness and wellbeing of her girls, but this did not mean that she was unaware of their failings and foibles: in fact it was her clear awareness

and understanding of those occasional weaknesses which made her so brilliant at her job and rapidly gained their admiration, respect and affection.

 She fostered academic excellent and co-curricular participation in equal measure, ensuring the girls maintained

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