Mother Mother


When the OED entered the word ‘pleasant’ – “giving a sense of
happy satisfaction or enjoyment” – they forgot Mother Mother. ‘O
My Heart’ is more pleasant than eating ice cream at the beach when
you were nine.

In 12 tracks the Vancouver quintet has managed to combine the buoyancy of Ok Go with the bass lines and vocal spec of the Pixies and The Shins.

Frontman Ryan Guldemond belts like Black Francis with an
affectation of James Mercer at the height of all his notes, especially
throughout the title track.Mother

But beneath the cheer lurks dark lyrics.

Single, ‘Hay Loft’ recounts barnsex gone wrong (“My daddy’s got a gun, you’d better run”), while the ‘C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips’-esque opener boasts afterlife regrets (“I cried hard because I’d died and you’re alive”).

Not a life-changer, perhaps, but cleverly like a sweet
apple with a rotten core.

“We don’t know any of them, not that particular scene,” says Ripley “but I think, and I don’t want to speak too generally about this sort of thing, but I think some people are going for a spontaneity and amateurishness there, which has a kind of vibrancy to it.

Another thing I would say is that a lot of those no-fi sort of bands come
from a pop perspective – a lot of times I hear pop songs underneath all the noise.

Well, we’re not really about pop at all; we’re more about the repetition and the trance and the drone.

We’ll have a song in there somewhere but as little as possible – Heheheh! The song kind of comes second to the feel and the rhythm.”

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