Östergötland: bringing together wildlife and city life


The province of Östergötland in the southeast of Sweden is a joyous mix of wildlife and city life.

Here, deep forests and lush archipelagos meet university hubs and high seats of innovation.

In this wide range you will not be pressed to find ways of spending your days.

The options are many and the selection of attractions and activities broad.

Few places display this kind of perfect balance between rich nature and the business of larger cities.

Several major Swedish tourist attractions lie in close proximity to each other,

and thanks to excellent means of transportation you are never far away from your destination.

Visitors flock every year to experience the nature-rich environments, the charming cities,

and the exciting and historical sites that can only be experienced in Östergötland.

The fact that the region is located just a couple of hours from Stockholm is an added bonus – it is as easy as it is convenient.

The public transportation system will take you from the city to the coast in no time,

and once you are there you are free to tackle the nature in any way you like.

Island hopping and seaside tours are just a few of the many options at your disposal.

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