Pastoral Care Initiatives

Pastoral Care Initiatives

Pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do

and, as in any community, it is important that we look after each other if this School is to thrive.

We pride ourselves, at Laxton Junior School, in the excellent care we give to each other and our children.

 Form Teachers are the main care providers, on a day to day basis, and this care manifests itself through discussions, either on a 1:1 basis or in small groups.

 In Form Time, Form Teachers deliver the PSHE programme, which incorporates personal, social, health and emotional development

and many of the topics covered are based on care for ourselves or care for others.

 However, every member of staff plays their part and ensures that the care of our children is uppermost in our thoughts and actions.

 We also encourage children to care for each other, too, and they are so impressive in this regard.

There have been many developments this year in our pastoral care provision.

The pastoral care meeting room has continued to be a hub for 1:1 meetings or small group work,

and it has also become a space for outside agencies to meet with parents and pupils, as well as staff.

Such a resource has become a necessity for pastoral meetings, not to mention a useful facility for our learning support team and the fantastic work that they do.

Children at Laxton Junior School play nicely with each other and there are always lots of positive games and interactions taking place at break time.

In order to further improve the quality and breadth of games, a small group of Year Four children have been learning fun and interactive games, which they have taught to their Year Four peers.

Nia Kanja, Maria Gibbon, Imogen Burgess, Joshua Pleszco, Ben Hancock and Henry Grewcock have embraced this leadership challenge, and have inspired their peers by being play role models and leaders.

These games have included: Keepy-uppy Challenge, Piggy in the Middle, Hot Potato, 40:40 In and Stuck in the Mud. It has been wonderful to see children engaging in this new project and being more creative and collaborative in their play.

Furthermore, during Anti-Bullying Week, we invited the Saltmine Theatre Company

and Theatre Fideri Fidera to LJS, to reinforce the message through the theme of Choose Respect.

During this week, every child decorated a sock in a unique way, and we created a whole

School display to remind everyone that we are all different, which is wonderful, and that we are all equal too.

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