Peter Wise FPSNZ

Peter Wise FPSNZ

It was with great pleasure that the Nelson Camera Club awarded Life

Membership to Peter Wise FPSNZ to recognise his outstanding contribution to the Club and its members.

 Born in Gisborne to a photographer father it is not surprising that Peter knew the delights of photography

and darkroom processing long before leaving school. After school came

the air force where Peter spent a few years learning to take pictures the air force way ลาวสามัคคี.

From aerial images of the land far below to mug shots of raw recruits, from close-up details

of armaments to documentary coverage of passing out parades and visits of VIP air force top brass, our boy did the lot.

One can have too much of a good thing, and after using a significant portion of the tax payers’ contributions to the defence bill on darkroom chemicals

 and photo paper Peter headed for civvy street to a job managing a Langwoods photo store.

A sharp learning curve with Langwoods saw Peter starting a photo

shop of his own in Palmerston North – everyone has to start somewhere!

Taking portraits, covering weddings, running a photo processing unit and selling camera gear, Wise was doing it all.

Realisation eventually dawned that there was more to life than rushing around trying to keep everyone happy with rock-bottom prices.

Peter rationalised the shop by selling off the photo processing machine and concentrated on taking photographs

and framing them for a sensible price. But why stay in Palmerston North when the South Island offered so much more in the way of one of Peter’s other great loves – tramping?

A move to the Mainland saw Wise’s Picture Framers open up in Nelson.

While in Palmerston North Peter had been a member of the Manawatu Camera Club.

He must have done something to impress because before he even completed his move to Nelson, the Nelson Photographic Society had wind of his arrival

and invited (or should that be demanded?) that he join not just their Society but their committee.

Peter held many positions with the Society and was President when the Society went through

the trauma of deciding that two photography clubs in a city the size of Nelson was one too many and sadly it was time to call it a day.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี