PSNZ Constitution

PSNZ Constitution

SELECTED MEMBERS OF the Executive Council have been working tirelessly

to progress the review of the Society’s current Rules (Constitution).

 The original Rules were written when the Society was first established in 1953, and has only received minor revisions since then.

With the announcement some five years ago that the Incorporated Societies Act was going to be updated, ลาวสามัคคี

all incorporated societies including not-for-profit organisations will be required to review their current Constitution or Rules, to bring these in line with the updated Act.

As you know from previous President’s reports and updates, the review was to be undertaken by an external legal firm.

That was amended at the 2016 Queenstown Annual General Meeting for Councillors to undertake

 the initial drafting as it was felt we would have a much better understanding of what the Society is about and how it should function.

Since then the Executive has continued to work on making changes to the Constitution.

 In previous editions of CameraTalk I have undertaken to keep you advised of the progress as best as I can, and have provided links for members to read the current document and familiarise themselves with it.

 I also outlined some of the specific clauses that were going to be changed and updated.

And I asked for any member to contact me with any queries or comments on the proposed changes.

 I have not received any responses, so have continued to progress the review. Remember, the Constitution serves to look after

the wellbeing of all PSNZ members while at the same time setting out a clear mandate for

the way the Society should be managed and function for the benefit of all members.

For more information: ลาวสามัคคี