Safeguarding our Children

Safeguarding our Children

It has been a busy year for the LJS safeguarding team.

Mr Harper has settled in as our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and has been focussing on the remit of online safety.

 He has created a new forwardthinking policy for the School and has set up a focus

group who will lead us positively in ensuring that all children understand how to stay safe online.

Once again, we held an Online Safety Day in February, which saw children involved in specific activities to do with being safe online.

The staff all received training to enable them to better spot signs of online issues, abuse or dangers,

and parents came to an evening session designed to be a forum in which they could learn more

about keeping their children safe online at home, as well as being able to share their own experiences with one another.

Laxton Junior School continues to be dedicated to the safeguarding,

online welfare and protection of our children and, indeed, their families.

Across the board, our Safeguarding Policies have been reviewed

and updated, ensuring that all the work we do to protect our children is up to date, age-appropriate, practical and effective.

During the course of any given year, we seek guidance on a range of relevant issues from various agencies,

including the local authority, the NSPCC, ChildLine, National Online Safety and the local police.

Our entrance area has been refurbished so that there are now fobbed doors between the entrance

and the main corridor; this means that nobody will have access to any of our children without

first signing in, being accompanied by staff or having been approved and given fob access.

 All visitors remain required to sign in, including LJS parents, Oundle School staff, LJS part-time staff and VMTs.

As a School, we will not compromise on the safety of our community and see the entrusting of your children to our care, and how important this responsibility is, as our utmost priority.

Our safeguarding procedures extend to trips away from the School site and we take security on these most seriously.

All trips are risk assessed and every child has a wristband with the School name and phone number, and a unique ID number, which can be checked against a register should a child become lost whilst away from School.

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