Spread the cooties, spread the joy

Spread the cooties

Norwegian graphic designers Camilla Rørvik and Maria Torset had one thing in common

when they graduated: they wanted to create designs that make people happy.

So they started Pikelus, their very own design agency, and began to spread the joy they so wanted to create.

A few years later they were making illustrations for some of Norway’s leading publishing houses.

Rørvik and Torset founded Pikelus after graduating together from the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo.

They both wanted to start their own company and shared the same idea: to spread joy through playful designs and illustrations.

They decided to name their company “Pikelus”, which means “girl cooties”,

because they wanted their happy designs to spread as fast as real cooties do. Torset says:

“We chose the name because it’s different, playful and fun – just like our designs.”

Pikelus have created designs and illustrations for Gyldendal and CappelenDamm, Spread the cooties

two of Norway’s leading publishing houses, as well as spreading their joyous designs through clients such as Radio P4,

clothing brand BikBok and Aftenposten,

Norway’s largest national newspaper.

When the girls have time to spare, they make their own products, which are anything from postcards to pillows.

Torset says: “It’s more of a lifestyle than just a job, but we love it.

Because our designs are quite different, we complete each other and we work really well together.”

The girls have recently taken their first step towards the international market and have started

working with American design agency ArtsCase on designing personal device covers.

“We’re very excited about this and hope that this is just the beginning.

It is definitely time to spread the cooties across the border,” Rørvik concludes.

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