St Olave’s

Our charity for last year was the Furaha Primary School in the Huruma slum, Nairobi.

With a variety of events held across the School we were able to raise over £12,000 to help them run

the school and also sent out art sets for them to use in their first ever holiday art club.

The National Shakespeare Schools’ Festival is an event which we take part in every year,

 with a cast of J5 pupils performing a 30 minute version of ‘Romeo and Juliet” at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre.

The J3s performed the musical “Wizard of Oz” as their whole year group production, with J1 also doing a production.

We were asked to provide a choir of primary school age pupils to sing in front of 1000 people in York Minster, as part of their Armistice remembrance events.

They were fantastic and it will be an occasion that they will always remember.

Our jazz band were selected to perform in the Music for Youth National Festival in Birmingham.

 This is the first time the school has ever made it through to the fi nal round. All 88 of the J4 pupils went to London for the day, visiting

 the Globe Theatre and taking part in drama workshops with their staff , then visiting the Tate Modern before a walk across town to the West End to watch ‘School of Rock’.

 The J2 pupils went on their annual mini sports tour, comprising of 36 hours away from their parents and their phones/gadgets. They played King’s Worcester and Clifton College, Bristol.

Many of the J5 girls went on netball tour to Spain and the boys went on rugby tour to Italy.

We also ran a successful ski trip to Italy at Half Term, for both pupils and parents.                                     

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