Surrealism captivates visitors in the Finnish archipelago

Surrealism captivates visitors

What is the connection between Salvador Dalí and the Finnish archipelago?

The answer is Art Bank, a one-of-a-kind fine art gallery located in Pargas, the capital of the Finnish archipelago.

Here, visitors get to experience the intricate, mysterious world of Dalí.

The Finnish town of Pargas, situated in the Archipelago Sea, is the epitome of Nordic nature, Surrealism captivates visitors

a serene place where some of Finland’s most beautiful and idyllic scenery can be found.

Providing some fantasy and surrealism to the mix is the fine art gallery Art Bank,

which hosts the only permanent exhibition of artwork by world-renowned Spanish painter Surrealism captivates visitors

Salvador Dalí in the Nordic countries, as well as other celebrated names.

No, you are not the only one to be surprised by the unexpected combination, confirms Ted Wallin, art collector and owner of Art Bank.

“The most common reaction amongst visitors is: ‘What did we just witness?’

Our unusual location is the number one topic of discussion, together with the surprise our surreal and unexpected world evokes.”

Wallin, a true art enthusiast and collector of 30 years and counting, is the creator behind Art Bank, which he runs together with his wife.

Wallin has been an avid fan of Dalí’s surrealistic vision for over two decades.

When an opportunity presented itself for him to share his passion for Dalí,

he did not hesitate and in February 2014, Art Bank greeted its first visitors.

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