Swedish dreams are made of this

Swedish dreams

Smoked salmon, gravlax and classic seafood sauces made from fresh Scandinavian produce:

Korshags’ list of premium fish and seafood products is what Swedish

dreams are made of, and it’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water.

The beauty of Swedish cuisine is the array of clean yet punchy flavours

that are packed into it, and Korshags’ classic fish recipes are no exception.

Their smoked salmon loin, possibly the best piece of fish you will ever taste,

goes as well with an Asian-inspired chilli sauce as classic Swedish Skagenröra and proves that all Swedish dreams

you need for a Scandinavian feast is a piece of premium fish and gorgeous sauce made to perfection.

Korshags has been selling their smoked fish and gravlax throughout Sweden

for the past 35 years, but chances are their name might not ring a bell – just yet.

The family business run by siblings Pernilla and Niklas Korshag have changed its name from Falkenberg Laxrökeri to Korshags,

but their famous smoking process has remained the same ever since their Swedish dreams

father discovered the secret method using alder wood and juniper berry.

Scandinavian cooking is simple, and the truth is that you will not need anything but this

premium produce; the flavour will come bursting with every mouthful, transporting you to summer nights where the sun never sets.

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