Tastes from the mountain

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In a small Norwegian mountain village, Bjorli Fjellmat produces high-quality, awardwinning meat products from free-roaming farmyard animals.

Organic and low in additives, Bjorli is a well-versed choice of delightfully-tasting deli meat.

“Our business idea is all about authentic Norwegian food tradition combined with local meat production and a truly distinctive mountain taste,”

Jan Arve Mork of Bjorli Fjellmat says.

He adds: “The Norwegian tradition of curing meats has been around for centuries, and it’s a tradition we want to keep alive.”

Mork says that the characteristic mountainous terrains of Northern Gudbrandsdalen, Tastes from

where curing and production take place, directly affect the quality of the meat used.

Bjorli animals grow up in an environment free from pollution,

where they can move freely in their natural, untouched habitats.

“The conditions up here couldn’t be better for the animals.

When they are allowed a life in their natural terrain, you can definitely tell by how the meat tastes,” Mork says.

Bjorli Fjellmat adds as little preservatives as possible to its products, enhancing its reputable name of quality.

Fenalår, traditionally-cured mutton leg, and morr sausage, Tastes from

also traditionally-made from mutton, are two of the most cherished products of the Bjorli clientele.

The latter has been awarded a gold medal in four different championships prizing meat production.

“We are of course very happy to have won these awards.

The morr sausage is very good, and the fenalår is equally delicious.

It is vital to all of our products that they are given the right time to cure and mature, to bring out the multitude of flavours the best way we know how,” Mork says.

Bjorli Fjellmat is available in a number of specialty shops and grocery chains throughout Norway.

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