Part of the adventure

"The Good Work'' as Members See It

Part of the adventure of history is always learning something new, and this winter we learned more about our members.

The wrapper on Sea History 91 invited yo u to share your thoughts on Sea History and the direction we’ve been taking-and more than 250 responded!

The overwhelming majoriry of respondents gave us a chorus of”Keep up the good work! “.

Readers were grateful to have been invited along on Peter Stanford’s journey down “The Cape Horn Road, “

“The Good Work” were inspired by the marine art world, got caught up in the romance of the age of sail, and were heartened to see the exploits of America’s merchant marine in print.

In fact, the predominant word of criticism among our readers was: “More! ” You’d like to see more on American rivers and the West Coast,

“The Good Work” as Members See It more articles about steam and motor-driven vessels,

more on the merchant marine contribution to our military efforts and developments in peacetime maritime commerce.

“The Good Work” We are indeed working to include more of these topics which interest so many and are a vital part of our maritime heritage.

“The challenge,” says NMHS President Peter Stanford, “is to gain the extra pages we need for fuller coverage.

A larger Sea History coming out every other month will take a capital investment.

we’ re not yet in a position to make-but we’ re looking into prospects of a capital campaign to achieve that goal in the near future .”

Part of the adventure as Members See It The Sociery of course does more than bring out a magazine.

With members’ help and support we work to save historic ships and to promote the seafaring heritage.

And members enthusiastically welcomed the Sociery’ s growing “History-at-Sea” program,

through which we send young people to sea for hands-on history and life lessons aboard sailing ships.

Thanks to you, it’s growing by leaps and bounds. We’d like to thank all of our members who responded for sharing with us their experiences and their input.

The praise was encouraging, the criticism was taken to heart, and like the prayer, “Let me be as good a man as my dog believes me to be,”

we will continue to work to produce a magazine wo rthy of the strong, vibrant interests our members bring to us.

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